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    Heze Guangyuan Group was founded in 1985, after nearly thirty years of development, it has become an Industry & Trade Group which engages in high precision copper and copper alloy scrip (foil), and high precision rolled copper foil, fuel injection precision parts of engine for vessel and train, and Commercial Logistics.

    Heze Guangyuan Group, is Market-oriented and adheres to the concept of “meet the needs of our clients”, takes it as its own duty to benefit the staff and serve the country, aims at sustainable development and management, on base of advanced equipments, continuous technical innovation and scientific, standardized management, casting Guangyuan own famous brand names.


    Honest and Trustworthy, meet the needs of users management strategy: Insist on Specialization, precision, high-grade Innovation and Development

    Strategic targets: produce quality products, create famous brand enterprises, benefit the staff and serve their country

    Management tenet Considering for customers wholeheartedly, providing high quality products for customers wholeheartedly and creating benefit for customers wholeheartedly.

    Enterprise spirit: Developing a never-ending business wholeheartedly and seeking progress without satisfaction.

    Enterprise Vision seek to build “like-minded career community, trusted cooperative profit community, share weal or woe life community”, so as to guarantee steady development and Sustainable Operation of enterprises

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